Vazari Design - Luxury layout

Vazari Design is a architecture and interior design company based in France and Algeria, They provide 3D conceptions and luxury interior design services.   

/ The Challenge

Designing & developing a website that shows company's quality and services

The project was about designing and developing a website to tell about the company and showcase the high quality of Vazari design services, clients needed to see the difference and the transformation they can make by working with Vazari design and how it’s easy to start a project with them. 

/ Our Approach

Layout design & Web development

On the fist section we let the client get a global idea about the company and showcase some work on a slider, then we show some Before & After pictures of previous projects to make it easy for the client to define the big transformation the company can make. 

Then telling to the client how easy it is to work with Vazari design by showing simple steps in (1..2..3) with some advices and a gallery portfolio of work.  

Call to actions where about contacting the company by making a call of by email. 


interior design portfolio