Very Fine Home Collection

Very Fine Home Collection is a U.S Company that sell luxury Home Furnitures for home outdoor, indoor deco, Bed & bath and lighting. 

/ The Challenge

Designing an E-commerce website that convert & reflect branding.

The brand we are working with is a luxury provider of high quality furnitures, our mission is to design a website that reflect the quality of the product they are selling, and making the client feel comfortable to check products by categories (Outdoor, Indoor, Wall Deco ext…) and get inspired by different decoration samples on the website. 

/ Our Approach

UI & UX design following the company branding and make it simple to navigate

At Very fine Home collection, we designed a website that feet with the luxury, clean and fresh color of the brand, on the header we started with all what the users need such as contact icons on the left with search bar and shopping cart on the right. 

The menu was designed to simplify search by category on the website, easy and powerful. then goal was to showcase products to the client by categories so they will imagine that decoration on their own home and getting them inspired. 

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