University of the Middle East

The University of the Middle East Project (UME) builds bridges through education among societies and cultures in the Middle East, North Africa, North America and Europe: Inspiring people to engage collaboratively using critical and creative thinking.

/ The Challenge

Designing & developing a website that present the university programs and news

University of middle east needed a website to be designed and developed in order to tell more about the university programs, events and news. Receiving application was an important point for the university to stay connected with the community. In order to manage the website and post news and updates they needed a dashboard where they can easily.  

/ Our Approach

Designing a website with arabic / middle east style and developing the functionalities needed

We designed the University of middle east website with a style that fit with the culture of middle east, our Nextop designer team worked to make the graphics reflect the name and the culture of the university. 

Our Nextop development team worked on the backend to make all the website manageable easily with all functionalities needed such as News and programs so the admins of the university can post on the blog easily from a dashboard and update the website.  

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